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Imitation leather and balloon cloth seem to be the most clear from my 
understanding of the replies. Thanks so much guys!


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>Subject: Terminology question
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>I prefer "imitation leather" for the bindings used 1917-
>1928.  The binding material was cloth treated to simulate
>the appearance and texture of leather.  Boni & Liveright
>described the bindings in advertising and on book jackets
>as "limp croft leather."  This ambiguous and apparently made-
>up phrase was dropped after April 1925 when the Federal
>Trade Commission issued a cease and desist order prohibiting
>the Modern Library from using the word "leather" in
>connection with its bindings except in combination with
>words like "imitation," "substitute," or "artificial."
>I stand with the Federal Trade Commission.  "Leatherette" is
>unclear.  "Flex" isn't helpful because it applies both to
>imiatation leather and balloon cloth bindings, both of which
>were flexible or at least semi-flexible.
>I prefer "balloon cloth" for the bindings used 1929-spring
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