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Sam Ockman ockman at
Sun Jun 16 15:33:34 EDT 2002

Hi everyone...

In my journey to Philadelphia a few weeks ago, I picked up a Very Good
(fine?) copy of Scribners Modern Library.

I was quite surprised to find this book, I never imagined it
existed....does everyone else here know about it and am I the only
one that was surprised?

Anyway, it was published in 1938 by Scribners and it takes you through
the whole entier modern library catalog (as of 1938, obviously) giving
you a description of the first edition of each modern library book.
But not the modern library first edition, but the real first edition!
For example the Pickwick Papers first edition is from 1836-1837 and
would have cost only $750 back then!  Many of the real first editions
only cost around $10 back then...can you imagine?

I'm probably not explaining clearly how cool this book is!  I imagine
it is deserving of its own article on (hint :)

How rare is this Scribners book?  What's its value?  Did it originally
have a dust jacket?  Does everyone already own one?



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