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Thanks for the interesting history of transitional bindings, especially with 
reference to LIFE OF MICHELANGELO.  This is interesting to me partly because 
I recently bought (for $1.00!) a copy of MICHELANGELO in what Scott Kamins 
said was a keratol cover--ugly green, plastic-like material with an abstract 
triangular texture.  Scott said that these were sold as part of a three 
volume gift set.  All the signs point to this book having been printed in 
1928 (First Modern Library Edition 1928 in front), what looks like binding 
#3, Bernhard endpapers, and lack of any 1929 books listed in back.  Would 
this be considered a first?  Also, were these books sold with DJs?  What 
other works were offered in this format?

John Peterson
Fort Wayne, IN

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>>John's copy of Symonds' LIFE OF MICHELANGELO in
>>the "transitional" balloon cloth binding isn't a first.
>>LIFE OF MICHELANGELO was published in October 1928 in the
>>imitation leather binding.  The "transitional" binding was
>>used for three months from January through March 1929.  The
>>jacket is Henry's Dj 4 (p. 178) with a fall 1928 list
>>(includes Apuleius, Golden Ass but not Dostoyevsky, Brothers
>>SCHOPENHAUER (both published October 1928) were the first
>>titles to use the newly designed typographic jacket.  It's
>>possible that John has a first printing bound in a later
>>binding, but for most collectors, that doesn't count as a
>>full-fledged "first."
>Spectacular information, as usual!
>Just for the record, the catalog in the back of
>my copy of Michelangelo dates it to Fall 1928,
>and it has the 3 line "Turn to the end of this
>volume..." opposite the title page.  The DJ is
>Spring 1929.  I guess this means it could be a
>first edition in a later binding and DJ, but
>only if a Fall 1928 catalog in the book is an
>accurate indication of a first edition (did ML
>fail to update to a Spring 1929 catalog in the
>second printing of Michelangelo?).  Or maybe ML
>ran out of fake leather halfway through binding
>the first edition of Michelangelo, and switched
>to balloon cloth?
>In any case, somewhere out there in the ether,
>H. Wolff is laughing at all this!
>John K.
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