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> John's copy of Symonds' LIFE OF MICHELANGELO in 
> the "transitional" balloon cloth binding isn't a first.  
> LIFE OF MICHELANGELO was published in October 1928 in the 
> imitation leather binding.  The "transitional" binding was 
> used for three months from January through March 1929.  The 
> jacket is Henry's Dj 4 (p. 178) with a fall 1928 list 
> (includes Apuleius, Golden Ass but not Dostoyevsky, Brothers 
> SCHOPENHAUER (both published October 1928) were the first 
> titles to use the newly designed typographic jacket.  It's 
> possible that John has a first printing bound in a later 
> binding, but for most collectors, that doesn't count as a 
> full-fledged "first."

Spectacular information, as usual!

Just for the record, the catalog in the back of
my copy of Michelangelo dates it to Fall 1928,
and it has the 3 line "Turn to the end of this
volume..." opposite the title page.  The DJ is
Spring 1929.  I guess this means it could be a
first edition in a later binding and DJ, but
only if a Fall 1928 catalog in the book is an
accurate indication of a first edition (did ML
fail to update to a Spring 1929 catalog in the
second printing of Michelangelo?).  Or maybe ML
ran out of fake leather halfway through binding
the first edition of Michelangelo, and switched
to balloon cloth?

In any case, somewhere out there in the ether,
H. Wolff is laughing at all this!

John K.

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