Life of Michelangelo

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Sun Jun 16 09:53:27 EDT 2002

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> I'd be interested in hearing from other collectors with
> stated firsts of LIFE OF MICHELANGELO with fall 1928 lists
> at the end whether they have copies with the 7-line or 3-
> line publisher's note, and which binding they have
> (imitation leather, gift box, or transitional balloon cloth).

My stated first of LIFE OF MICHELANGELO has the following attributes:

Dust jacket rear states there are 150 titles so far.  It is the Moses
pictorial, DJ5, Toledano p. 178.  The list includes Dumas' Three Musketeers
but not Apuleius.

Book is the "day-glo" gift box, sans the box, edition.  The copy has the
seven line publisher's note and the fall list at the end of the book.


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