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Hi Modlib,

I recently got a copy of ML 49.2 Symonds 'Life
of Michelangelo' on eBay, and it raises questions
similar to the recent discussion of Flaubert's
Salammbo (discussed a few days ago).

The book says "First Modern Library Edition 1928'
and has the transitional binding - binding #4 with
balloon cloth, and Bernhard endpapers (there must
have been many titles with the transition binding).

Question 1: is the transitional binding the
correct binding for the first of this title?

The DJ says 150 on the back, and is a B DJ (the
typical text DJ of the 1930s).  Henry's Guide
only lists a 'P' DJ for this title in the 28+ DJ
column, and a 'b' DJ in the 25+ column (which I
am assuming is a typo).

(also - Scot's DJ pages have two variations of
a P DJ but no B DJ for this title).

Question 2: what is the correct first DJ style
for a first of this title - a 'b' or a 'B' or a 'P'?

Using the info in the post from Gordon (the Spring/
Autumn dating key - a similar one is at Scot's site:,
the inside of the DJ lists 'The Brother's Karamozov'
but not 'Canterbury Tales', so it is a Spring 1929
list and DJ.

Question 3: Do I have a mismatched DJ (1929 DJ on
a 1928 first)?


John K.

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