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Tue Jun 11 09:49:54 EDT 2002

I've never paid much attention to the number of titles on 
the back panel of ML jackets, which are often unreliable.  
Even the number of titles in the heading inside the 
TO READ?" can be misleading, since there are several seasons 
with identical numbers (fall 1933 and spring and fall 1934 
are all 225; spring 1940 and spring 1941 are both 271; 
spring and fall 1948 are both 334, spring and fall 1957 are 
both 379, fall 1959 and spring 1960 are both 388; fall 1962 
and spring 1963 are both 415). 

The most reliable way to date a jacket is on the basis of 
the list of titles inside it.  The dating key I've created 
for myself indicates that fall 1928 jackets list Apuleius, 
Golden Ass but not Dostoyevsky, Brothers Karamazov.  Other 
titles would work just as well.  

Flaubert's Salammbo was published in January 1929, but the 
first jacket has a fall 1928 list.  Jackets for most January 
titles used lists from the previous fall since they had to 
be printed before the spring list was finalized (or at least 
set in type).  I list fall 1928 in my bibliography as the 
first Salammbo jacket on the basis of Joe Hill's copy, which 
I examined about ten years ago.  (Thanks Joe!)

My own copy of the Salammbo first printing has a 
transitional binding and a spring 1929 jacket (lists 
Dostoyevsky, Brothers Karamazov but not Chaucer, Canterbury 
Tales).  This is a variant jacket.  Instead of 
saying "Complete and unabridged in one volume" the front 
panel text reads: "Presented, with the compliments of 
Bennett A. Cerf and Donald S. Klopfer, to the guests of the 
Womens National Booksellers Association, in conclave at the 
Hotel Commodore, New York, March 7, 1929."

Pete: if you have this jacket, don't get rid of it just 
because it's not the first.  It's probably rarer than the 
first dj.  (I'd love to know more about the Womens National 
Booksellers Association ... guess I'll have to dig into back 
volumes of Publishers Weekly.)


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