ML Flaubert- Salammbo

Tue Jun 11 00:39:36 EDT 2002

To show how complicated(and interesting) the collecting of ML firsts can become, note that collectors usually rely on the number of titles listed on the back panel of the DJ to judge whether it is the correct jacket for the first issue book. However, this is not always reliable. Flaubert's Salammbo is a good example. Henry Toledano's guide shows 150 titles for the first jacket. This is correct, but you have to dig deeper, since the true first jacket was printed in the fall of 1928. Look at the list of titles on the back of the DJ- Dostoyevsky's Brothers Karamazov should NOT be listed. I accidentally discovered this when I recently obtained a Salammbo first in better condition than the one in my collection. My copy showed two Dostoyevsky titles- Poor People and Brothers K, but the other copy did not include Brothers K, which dated it to late 1928. For those of you who have this jacketed first in your collection, check the title listing and let us know which jacket you have. I'm guessing the true first DJ is considerably more rare than previously thought.

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