bcc exhibition

Jack Maclean jack at ieor.berkeley.edu
Sat Jun 8 00:13:54 EDT 2002

Listen up you guys and gals.  I have received exactly one response to 
my request ( thanks, Sam Ockman ) for suggestions regarding an 
!So I will assign assignments.There is room for about 30 books and I 
was hoping that I could find 30 subjects  or interests.

Is anyone familiar with IPHOTO and IBOOKS? we could turn this into a 
catalog for the exhibition.

First assignment; to   Henry Toladino; " Alice in WONDERLAND"
	why is this so special?

2;  Buckram bindings, does one person collect these?

3;  Woodcut dust jackets, who is the expert?

4; etc, etc

I need help on this.

Jack Maclean

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