Now off to Philadelphia...

Sam Ockman ockman at
Thu Jun 6 19:25:28 EDT 2002

...I want to thank everyone who helped with Kansas City used
bookstores.  I went to four of the recommended bookstores, and really
enjoyed two of them.  I picked up nice copies of Don Quixote,
Dubliners, Emerson, Red and the Black, Descartes, Moliere and more,
all with dust jackets.

I'm now off to Philadelphia for a wedding.
(Swarthmore/Wallingford/Media area to be exact).  I'm willing to drive
off the beaten path for a great book store.  I like bookstores with
lots of modern library books, and that have great prices (don't we
all!)  Any recommendations?  I like to buy nice copies of books to
read, but so far have avoided collecting firsts....


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