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> never having read the above mentioned book, and not being inclined to do 
> so,
> can any one explain the signifance of the colored marbled page.
> the front of dj the says:----with every one of the author`s most unusual 
> directions
> to the printer followed in minute detail.

Bob Riedel posted this a few days back (maybe
you missed it):

 > This is part & parcel of the novel. It is referenced in an
 > address to the reader at the end of the immediately
 > preceding Chapter 36 (of Book III): "... you will no more be
 > able to penetrate the moral of the next marbled page (motley
 > emblem of my work!) than the world with all its sagacity has
 > been able to unravel the many opinions, transactions, and
 > truths which still lie mystically hid under the dark veil of
 > the black one." My much later ML printing has a regular
 > paper page printed in a marbled black ink pattern. All
 > editions I've seen, ML or otherwise, have some variation on
 > the marbled page.

looks like the early editions had real marbled
paper bound in, some of the late 1930s editions
did not have the page at all, and later editions
had a printed page that looked like marbled paper.


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