Tristram Shandy and mabled page

Ron Thoman rgthoman at
Tue Jun 4 14:16:12 EDT 2002

First, John K. - how in the world do you do it?  You are amazing.  Hearty
congratulations on your find.

Now a question.  The discussion of the Tristram Shandy and marbled page.  I
was beginning to get the idea that all ML editions of this book contained
some kind of marbled page, if not in color, etc. then a black and white
facsimile.  I have a 1937 copy (246 books listed - binding 7 - same dj as
on Scot's dj site) but it has no color or black and white marbled page
following page 202 (i.e. end of III, 36) or anywhere in the book.

So, am I correct in assuming that this page was deleted by this time?  The
dj still says the book contains all of Sterne's original "unusual
directions to the printer followed in minute detail."  But the marbled page
is nowhere to be found.  I can't detect that a page was torn from the book,
so I am at a loss of what to think.

Any enlightenment appreciated.  Do I just have a weird, defective copy?

Ron Thoman
rgthoman at

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