Excellent ML find

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Mon Jun 3 21:40:49 EDT 2002

Hi ModLib,

A group response...


> Two things I must say right off the bat-
> $4.00 each,come on,write the guy a nice little check,after all you can
> afford it now.

Not really!  I blew my monthly book budget,
and I do plan to keep the books.

> Thirty-five years ago,I had a find like yours,from a book store and they
> cost me $5.00 each.

Joe, you will have to share the story with us
some day.

Bob Riedel wrote, Re: Tristram Shandy and the marbelized

 > This is part & parcel of the novel.

I thought it might be...but Tristram Shandy is one
of the few MLs I have not read.  Just finished
reading the ML Dictionary.  A thumping good read.

 > Congratulations on a stupendous find -- you must lead a disgustingly
 > exemplary life!


John M. Wolansky wrote:

 > A tip of the hat to you, sir.  I have been fortunate to
 > discover a cache with about ten flex covers in DJ on about
 > four occasions, but no B&L.  I would be stunned to learn
 > any of the other subscribers have had a better day than you
 > document with your pics.

Only Joe so far.

Ok...off to look for more B&Ls.

John K.

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