Excellent ML find DAMN!!!

John M. Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Sun Jun 2 21:57:33 EDT 2002

A tip of the hat to you, sir.  I have been fortunate to discover a cache
with about ten flex covers in DJ on about four occasions, but no B&L.  I
would be stunned to learn any of the other subscribers have had a better day
than you document with your pics.

Regarding Tristram Shandy, I just found a "naked" first and it also has the
marbled page after page 202; however, it is not exactly the same page.  The
idea is the same, but the swirls are a bit different!  I turned the page
this way and that, but it is not the same page.  I also have jacketed copies
from 1937 and 1929, and neither has the marbled insert.  The 1929 copy is
what I believe the board refers to as a transitional cover.  Design like
cover 4, but in balloon cloth.

Again, congrats on a great find.

John Wolansky

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