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<< I have another 1st ed. copy of this book (no DJ) >> [Tristram Shandy] << 
and it has the same bound in marbleized paper. Do later editions of this 
title have the bound in marbled paper? Why? Was this part of the novel (which 
has other odd typographic effects in it, as the DJ blurb says)? >>

This is part & parcel of the novel. It is referenced in an address to the 
reader at the end of the immediately preceding Chapter 36 (of Book III): "... 
you will no more be able to penetrate the moral of the next marbled page 
(motley emblem of my work!) than the world with all its sagacity has been 
able to unravel the many opinions, transactions, and truths which still lie 
mystically hid under the dark veil of the black one." My much later ML 
printing has a regular paper page printed in a marbled black ink pattern. All 
editions I've seen, ML or otherwise, have some variation on the marbled page.

Congratulations on a stupendous find -- you must lead a disgustingly 
exemplary life!

Bob Riedel

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