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> The Commager introduction replaced the Goodman introduction 
> in 1944 when the text was reset.  Printings before 1944 have 
> 260 pages; printings from 1944 on have 264 pages.  

> Scott's 1963 copy has a bibliography on pp. xiv-xvi that was 
> added in 1950 when Franklin's Autobiography was included in 
> Modern Library College Editions, and a copyright statement 
> that reads, "Copyright 1944, 1950, by Random House, Inc." 

I had also noticed the different introductions
in the Franklin title (39.2).  Given Gordon's
information, this adjustment should be made to
Henry's Guide:

39.2 Franklin Autobiography w/Goodman intro: 32-44
39.3 Franklin Autobiography w/Commager intro: 44-70

Not sure if the bibliography addition in 1950 is
enough of a modification to justify a different
Toledano number post-1950.

Also: any thoughts on the value of the HC version
of 39.2 (about 1940-44): these MLs that were only
available in the early 40s seem somewhat scarce but
don't seem to demand a huge price on eBay when they
do show up.  Similar titles seem to be in the J or K

john k.

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