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The Commager introduction replaced the Goodman introduction 
in 1944 when the text was reset.  Printings before 1944 have 
260 pages; printings from 1944 on have 264 pages.  The text 
was reset for the Illustrated ML edition.  The Commager 
introduction was written for the Illustrated ML as well.  
The new plates made for the Illustated ML were also used for 
regular ML printings.  The first printing of the Illustrated 
Franklin and the first regular ML printing from the new 
plates were both fall 1944.  The text is beautifully 
designed, as you would expect in any book designed by Bruce 
Rogers.  Regular ML printings retain the handsome decorative 
drawings at the head of each chapter that were created for 
the Illustrated ML.  I don't know whether the decorative 
drawings are by Rogers or Thomas Hart Benton, who did the 
colored illustrations for the Illustrated ML edition, though 
to me they look like Rogers's work.

Scott's 1963 copy has a bibliography on pp. xiv-xvi that was 
added in 1950 when Franklin's Autobiography was included in 
Modern Library College Editions, and a copyright statement 
that reads, "Copyright 1944, 1950, by Random House, Inc."  
The earliest printing in the regular ML with the 
bibliography that I've seen is spring 1952.  The title page  
also differs from earlier printings from the 1944 plates in 
that Commager's title, "Professor of American History, 
Columbia University" is added below his name.


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>I recently purchased a copy of Franklin's Autobiography 
39.2 in
>Tolenado. This copy with 415 listed on the inside would 
date to 1963.
>The copy has an introduction by Henry S. Commanger which 
>differentiate it from the Goodman intro. This intro is not 
listed in
>Andes which would tend to make it a new entry. Any thoughts 
or does
>anyone else have such a copy. Scott
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