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Simms,Karrie KSIMMS at
Thu Jul 11 17:37:42 EDT 2002

ok, I must chime in here.  This is the strangest thing and reinforces my
belief in the connectivity of the universe :-)

On vacation two weeks ago, I was rooting around for some MLs in the poetry
section of a bookstore I don't frequent very often.  Instead of MLs, I found
this fascinating little brown leather like book called "50 Best Poems of
America" by the LLL.  I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen so I
put back (a sin I know) one of my MLs and bought it instead.  Budget stuff,
you know.

After manhandling it for a week or so, I passed it on to a good friend,
another MLer, who was also fascinated by it.  Did some research last night
on it and discovered the ML link (!).  I thought that was spooky enough but
imagine how surprised I was to get the message about it from the list today!
It must be telling me to go forth and buy them all.

Everything flows back to Modern Library in one way or another. It's Karma.

Karrie A. Simms
> Pharmacy Retail Engineering/
> InPatient Prod Ops Proj Lead


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