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Wed Jul 10 00:38:12 EDT 2002


>1 Tell us who you are and a brief bio.
>WHO;		david medsker, husband, father of seven, detailer of cars, latter day 
>saint, president of the john brown elementary PTO.
>2 Tell us your general  collecting interests
>COLLECTS;	 not much of a collector, i've always felt the burden of 
>stewardship and try to live light. love my antique german grandfather 
>clock, though.
>3 What is your specific interest in ML.
>ML;		I'm super fond of great literature, and don't have the bucks for the 
>Easton Press offerings. Old leatherettes have more history and are more 
>collectible in my opinion, anyway.
>4 Tell us what spurred you into collecting this facet of ML and what
>goals you are aspiring to for your collection.
>WHY;		well, a complete collection would be terrific, especially since 
>completeness might never be a finite thing. look at all the discoveries 
>posted on this bbs, for instance. it might never be possible to be done, 
>and isn't that fascinating? What if there turned out to be a small, private 
>run of alice in wonderland leatherettes? or if i ran into a great gatsby in 
>a neighbor's garage sale?
>5		What one ML book best represents your collection
Henry's book, of course! (I would emote, but I am punctuationally 
challenged, so picture a winking smile here somewhere!)

Thanks for the motivation, Jack!

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