DJ Project: Another Batch of Early DJ's

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Jan 31 18:58:00 EST 2002

Here's a batch of new images. I'll have more up in a few days.

Thanks to our stalwarts Amy Comeau and John Krygier, plus special 
thanks to John M. Wolansky whose contributions included a wonderful 
British art deco Moby Dick from 1934! (This Moby, John reports, has a 
spine number of "4" - different from the American Mobies which 
usually have 119 in the regulars and 64 in the giants.)

Anderson (Poor White)
Apuleius (Golden Ass)
Butler (Erewhon)
Beebe  (Jungle Peace)
Chesterton (Man Who Was Thursday)
D'Annunzio  (Triumph of Death)
Douglas (Old Calabria )
France (Revolt of the Angels, Thais)
W.F. George (Bed of Roses - two examples)
Gissing (New Grub Street)
Goncourt (Renée Mauperin)
Gorky (Creatures That Once Were Men)
Gourment  (Night in the Luxembourg)
Hecht (Erik Dorn)
Hudson (Green Mansions)
Lawrence (Sons and Lovers)
Maupassant (Love, Une Vie and Bel Ami)
Melville (Moby Dick - British jacket!)


Several folks have written me about the quality of the dust jackets, 
commenting on how difficult it must be to find such fine examples. 
Truth to tell, I've edited the vast majority of the images. Many, in 
fact, I have reconstructed from shreds. (I really do enjoy 
reconstructing the worst examples.) This is one of the reasons 
there's such a delay between the time that folks send me images and 
when they appear.

Some are beyond my abilities. This is why some of the examples look 
stained or very dirty - there's only so much I can do, I'm afraid. 
But by and large, I think most come out looking pretty good - frauds 
though they may be. :-D

So don't take these images as representative of what you can expect 
to find in the street - consider most as idealized examples of what 
they may have looked like when they first "hit the shelves."
Scot Kamins
What would you attempt if
you knew you would not fail?

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