ML's 75th Anniv. Editions

C. W. Cale chally at
Tue Jan 29 23:43:11 EST 2002

Tom Maves wrote:
> Has anyone seen a list of the upcoming ML titles that will be reprinted
> for Random House 75th Anniversary?  The only one I have seen is Candide
> (do a search at amazon for "candide modern library" in the title field).
> Also, has anyone noticed that the ML edition of Islam by Karen Armstrong
> now has a regular paper dustjacket as opposed to the opaque dustjackets
> of the Chronicle Series (it is also in it's 11th printing!).
> Lastly, continuing the B&L stories, I recently found a Dorian Gray B&L
> in dustjacket from a private library as a discard.  It is not a first
> printing but my heart still jumped a beat when I saw it.
> happy hunting
> Tom

Tom you've whetted my appetite!  Gotta go ML fishing tomorrow!
I like this old style short history series books like "Islam" with the
pictoral boards.  I think these MLs will become cherished by
collectors as they seem very unusual for the series and are being
phased out?  

Not that I'm a speculator, I'm just a collector.  I don't have the
room or money to stock up on what I think will become sought after.

I don't think it's "worth" a whole lot ('cept to me!) but I found what
cleaned up to be a great copy of "In Dubious Battle" at a library
discard sale.   Amazing what some Zippo fluid and a brodart can do!
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