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> I found one B&L in DJ (Schnitzler) among lots of old and
> mostly valueless books that somehow escaped being pulped
> during WW2. This store is in Milwaukee - 3 massive floors of
> teetering shelves, dust, mold, poor lighting, grouchy owner.
> 5 hours of searching, but I got the book for $7.

Yes, I know that store --- it is still there, having survived a threatened 
demolition order and heaven knows what.  Their Modern Library section, such 
as it is, has been pretty much picked over, or maybe "discovered" --- and 
what remains are the MLs w/o dust jackets and often in poor condition.  There 
may still be some good findings hidden among the various sections by category 
(Fiction, etc.).

The same store has opened a cleaned-up branch a couple years ago at the 
General Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee.  That store really is quite 
pleasant.  And, with the low parking rates there, it is worthwhile to go to 
Mitchell Field just to browse the store, I'd say.  Anyone know of a used book 
store at any other Airport?

Gordon R. McCoy
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