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thanks for the info
you didnt tell us which mediocre pres (except for lincoln and washington,
are there any other kind?), came from your home
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> Scot Kamins wrote:
> > The problem is the dust jackets themselves. DJs of the period were
> > the most ephemeral of things. They were made of extremely thin paper,
> > very cheaply made indeed. They tended to dry out and fall apart very
> > quickly, especially if exposed to the elements.
> And...if that were not enough: I would think that DJs are
> more vulnerable on flex bound books than on hard cover
> books.  Also, the populist nature of MLs doomed many to
> being read and reread and circulated through used bookstores
> where, if the DJ did survive, it would likely be shredded
> on the shelves.  If MLs were seen as collectable - well, from
> what I have read, the obsession with DJs is really a post WW2
> phenomena.  So the B&L Modern Library editions - being
> the oldest MLs obviously have no chance of surviving
> with a DJ.
> > Price range is $60-80 for damaged jackets, around $125 for VG-/VG-
> > copies in the later catalogs and double that for 1st catalog examples
> > (any of the the original dozen), and double that again - that is,
> > $400 and up - for really fine examples.
> >
> > Could a normal person afford one? Depends on your definition of
"normal."  :-D
> But think about this: we collect in a series where the rarest
> and most expensive book (and there are not really many of
> them) might cost you $400 or $500, which in the world of
> antiquarian and collectable books is probably on the
> mid-lowish end of things.
> On the other hand, you can and probably will find just
> about any ML title - including B&Ls in a DJ, if you poke
> around long enough.  And you won't have to pay $500.
> I am curious if any of you out there have tales of
> inexpensive B&Ls in DJs found in used bookstores?
> I found one B&L in DJ (Schnitzler) among lots of old and
> mostly valueless books that somehow escaped being pulped
> during WW2. This store is in Milwaukee - 3 massive floors of
> teetering shelves, dust, mold, poor lighting, grouchy owner.
> 5 hours of searching, but I got the book for $7.
> The other B&L in DJ I have (O'Neill) was found in a small
> bookstore (known for its inadequate selection of book club eds,
> paperback pop fiction and romance novels) in Delaware OH
> (where I work - quick, which mediocre president was born
> here?). I found the book in the single shelf 'classics' section
> and it was marked $3, but the lady gave me a dollar off
> "because it is so old."
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