DJ Project: New Images (1/27/02)

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Jan 27 18:16:03 EST 2002


Here are the rest of the images I've been submitted over the last two 
weeks. Thanks to Henry Toledano, John Krygier, and especially to that 
constant contributor Amy Comeau for the new images:

Chaucer (Canterbury Tales)
Dante (illustrated box)
Dumas (Camille)
Ellis (New Spirit)
France (several pieces)
Lawrence (Rainbow)
Misc (Short Stories - Irish)
Schreiner  (African Farm)
Shakespeare [Bacon? Marlowe?] (Tragedies illus. box)
Stendahl (Red & Black)
Sudermann (Song of Songs)
Veblen (Theory of Leisure Class)
Whitman (Poems)
Wilder (Cabala)

This now means that if you don't se an image online, I don't have it. 
Please submit stuff!

Scot Kamins
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