do these ml illustrated books exist in boxes?

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Jan 21 16:20:19 EST 2002

At 4:10 PM -0500 1/21/02, John M. Wolansky wrote:
>Not sure I follow.  The Guide lists the Illustrated Dante's Divine 
>Comedy as a 1944 issue.  If that is the one you are referring to, 
>know that I have a boxed copy.  Were you thinking Alice?
>As far as I know, the later pieces (1946 and 1947) came only in 
>Glassine. This includes The Dante, although Henry has it listed as 
>coming in a box. At any rate, I've not seen any of these four in a 


You have updated my updates!!! I have a note saying that the Dante 
came only in Glassine, that the entry in the Guide was inaccurate. So 
now I can change that info.

I see that we have no image of that item in the database. Can you do 
a scan of the box front and send it to me? Also, what copyright date 
do you have?

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