Modern Library reprints coming

Ron Thoman rgthoman at
Mon Jan 21 12:29:15 EST 2002

Hi, ML Folks,
I'm a ML collector with about 400 MLs of all vintages now, nearly all
pre-1970.  I guess that puts me in the amateur ranks, doesn't it?  How many
volumes does the reasonably serious collector have, I wonder?
Anway, I have been reading the listserv since the beginning with great
interest.  Now that I'm retired, I have more time and would like to
contribute as well as just read.
Re. the Random House ML reprints Gordon mentioned, if this draws more
interest in the earlier volumes, isn't it likely to drive availability down
and prices up?  That would be bad for collectors, and I presume bad for
dealers as well, although with large existing inventories might benefit.
I'm trying to decide if this reprint thing is good or bad generally. 
Perhaps if RH put out reprints of the more rare MLs it would be good for
those of us who can't find or afford them.  I presume RH would print a
modern price or no price on the dj, so that, along with obvious "newness"
would eliminate the problem of what is original and what not.  I can't
imagine not being able to tell the difference.
I'd be interested in other thoughts about all this.
Ron Thoman

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