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> Here is an excerpt from Random House's Modern Library e-mail which I
> received.
> "Random House, the Modern Library’s mother company, is celebrating
> its 75
> th Anniversary this year.  In honor of this auspicious event, Random
> House
> is reprinting a number of its classic bestsellers, all featuring the
> original covers.   The Modern Library is also joining the party and
> will
> reprint many of its classics in beautiful new editions reminiscent of
> the
> originals -- so keep your eyes open, I’ll be pointing them out in
> future
> newsletters."
> Personally I have mixed feelings about their idea.  But maybe the
> reprint editions might alert a new generation of buyers to the beauty
> of the original items?

I do know that in the realm of old collectable maps, reproductions
tend to draw attention to the original maps, and consequently drive
the prices of originals up.  I assume the same happens with art.

Modern Library books are not quite as scarce or collectable as olde
maps or art, but would guess, as Gordon notes, that a few select
ML reprints - if they replicate the old ML look closely, may attract
more folks to the originals.

This could usher in a whole new era of confusion on eBay and
other internet sources of MLs - are you bidding on an original or
a new edition?

I am curious which era MLs they intend to replicate (1920s? 30s?
post WW2?) and how closely they intend to replicate these books -
just the DJs or the book and DJ.  I am trying to decide if I would
rather see the 30s pictorial DJed MLs replicated, or the 50s era.

I am also wondering if Random House retains copyrights on the
old ML DJs, and what the might think of Scot's DJ collection
on-line at dogeared?

John K.

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