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Interesting listserv!  I did not have time to absorb it all but the one
thread Scott directed us to shows the intensity that some people bring to
the debate.  

>From my casual reading previously on the subject, it seems that there are
not only Stratfordians (who believe with almost blind religious conviction
that the actor wrote all of the plays) but people who fervently believe that
the playwright was some other single individual to be idolized, such as
Marlowe, Bacon or even Queen Elizabeth, herself.  For various reasons, each
of these single super-author theories is probably false.

However, the idea that Bacon, or some other well placed but intellectual
courtier, orchestrated the effort among a small group of fellow
intellectuals has some appeal.  Whatever group of people wrote the plays
lived in the milieu of court intrigue.  The authors also would have traveled
extensively to be able to describe the history, culture and physical details
of locations other than England.  As a group, they would have had the
collective (and diverse, from play to play) vocabulary necessary to the end
result.  Furthermore, who is more likely to assume an humble false identity
in compiling this great national work than a group of literati who were
recognized and published in their own rights?

The group author theory not only seems to have the weight of scholarly
research behind it but, except for the feuding, should have at least a
little appeal for the ardent advocates of each of the single authors.  I
like Bacon for the organizational role simply because of his otherwise
demonstrated intellectual ability and the fact that he had suggested a
project of this sort.  And, who knows, maybe Queen Elizabeth wrote one or
two of the plays and, Virgin Queen though she was reputed to be, decided to
dedicate the collective works to her young paramour, William, the actor.

Now, admittedly, only the already twisted mind of a criminal defense lawyer
would conjure up that last bit.

Good reading to all,

Bob Sanger

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maybe the actor guy didnt write the stuf;  it certainly does not sound
plausible that the person who wrote those works left no other writings;  but
there is a substantial body of evidence that it was not bacon;
of course, who then?
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> Folks,
> Not that I want to start any trouble, and recognizing that this is
> decidedly off-topic for this listserv, I dug up this new info as a
> follow-up to the "Who was that Shakespeare Guy, Anyway?" discussion
> that nearly started last week:
> In the Usenet Newsgroup humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare, I
> recommend  the the thread "Where Have All The Oxfordians Gone?"
> And following in Joe Hill's footsteps, "I'll say no more on the topic."
> [::heh heh::]
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