On Mismatched DJs and Transitional Bindings

dmenkin119 at aol.com dmenkin119 at aol.com
Fri Jan 11 17:22:05 EST 2002

Let me add a little of my experience as an old timer.  In the nineteen 
 I remember people would buy a MLB and immediatly throw away the D/J and put 
the book in their jacket pocket. There were no such things as "paper back 
This is why D/Js for leatherette editions are so scarce, and for Balloon 
clothe editions are almost as scarce .  

If  you are collector of only books with D/Js, and have any unwanted 
leatherette and Balloon clothe editions without D/Js please let me know if I 
can send youa copy of my want list of those editions.  This is an example of 
how we can help each other improve their collections and everybody in better 

Dave Menkin
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