On Mismatched DJs and Transitional Bindings

j b krygier jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu
Fri Jan 11 10:16:40 EST 2002

Hi Modlib,

I found a very cheap flex copy of ML 101.2 "American
Poetry 1671-1928" (confusingly called "A Comprehensive
Anthology of American Poetry" on the DJ).

There are a few odd things about this book:

1) It is a stated "First Modern Library Edition 1929."
Unfortunately, the DJ notes 210 titles - which would be
1933. I have a few MLs with mismatched DJs, but none that
are this far off - four years!  Is this common?

The conventional wisdom is that mismatched DJs were the
result of 'freshining up' unsold MLs.  But I can't imagine
that this particular title - probably used extensively in
college courses - would have been such a poor seller as to
have been setting around for four years. Any ideas about how
this mismatch came about?

2) The book has a transitional binding like those shown on
Scot's WWW site - between Toledano bindings 4 and 5:


Like my one other 1928/29 transitional binding (Schriener's
"Story of an African Farm" - with 150 titles on the DJ) the
endpapers are the earlier Bernhard design, markings on the
binding are like binding 4, but bound in balloon cloth. The
Schriener is blue, the Poetry anthology purple.

Are all 1st editions of ML 101.2 "American Poetry" in this
transitional binding?

Also: how common were the transitional bindings?  Scot's
site shows three titles, and I have two more...curious how
common this peculiar binding was.

John K.

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