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Wed Jan 9 20:40:57 EST 2002

ModLib list subscribers,

As the owner of ModLib I need to comment on the
unacceptable postings on ModLib earlier in the week.

The basic rules and guidelines for ModLib, as noted
at Scot Kamin's ML WWW site, clearly state that no
posting should "personally attack another member
of the ListServ."  Personal attacks, stereotyping, and
hateful statements have no place on this discussion list.

As a result of the postings, the person responsible
is no longer on the list.

Please remember that ModLib is an unmoderated
discussion list.  That means that list members must
moderate themselves.  I am not a moderator, cannot
censor any posting, nor stop a posting from being
distributed to the entire group.

I have spent quite a bit of time emailing and listening
to phone messages and trying to deal with this problem.
Thanks to those who offered advice.

Now, back to those acid-free ML book club editions
Joe is so fond of.

John Krygier

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