I take it nothing tempts you.

SGottlieb at aol.com SGottlieb at aol.com
Sun Jan 6 19:56:54 EST 2002

In a message dated 1/6/2002 5:18:11 PM, tom99 at megsinet.net writes:

<< You've got to be a very insecure person.  Do you realize that you attack
everybody personally even when it only involves a simple business transaction.
I'm sure you'll come up with some great come back to fire upon me, but do
everyone a favor and grow up, get some confidence in yourself, and realize 
we're only talking about books here.

Get a life man.  Is there anyone one the list near Phoenix that can go over to
Sam's house and give him a hug? >>

I'm awfully lucky to have a competent analyst like you Tom. But before you 
publicly chastise me or dare call me "insecure" why don't you disclose the 
fact that you too, like the NYC CPA jerked me around with some ficticious 
had the gall to excoriate me when I, months after the auction's end, refused 
to sell you the book!

As I recall it was a transaction amounting to less than $15. Tom, the only 
one I want to come to my house is you so I can have the pleasure of sticking 
my finger in your eye. 

In short, you jerk, you should disclose our previous business relationship 
before you start analyzing me on a public list. And yes, Tom, you are correct 
about ONE thing. I have a short fuse when I deal with people like you or the 
NYC CPA. I am too advanced in years to waste time with assholes.

I'd be most appreciative if you discontinued writing to me, privately or via 
this list. If you want to further exhibit your serious character flaws and 
post anything further I will happily disengage myself from the list. My loss 
will deprive the rest of the listmembers of my overall Modern Library 
knowledge, which is substantial. Also of announcements of ebay auctions or 
private sale of my better MLs. I admit that I like to read Neville's erudite 
posts and to tell you the truth I have fought with him as well as other 
listmembers. At least Neville has some good or interesting news for the 
group. You, to the best of my recollection add nothing but amateurish 

But Hey, Tom, who's counting.

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