Modlib is now a CLOSED list

Roscoe Shrewsbury shrewsburysbooks at
Wed Jan 2 12:04:24 EST 2002

Greetings J. B. Krygier:

I am a subscriber to the ModLib List.  Please note I have changed my e-mail
address from whizbang at to:

shrewsburysbooks at

Thanks very much.


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Subject: Modlib is now a CLOSED list

> Hi ModLib folks,
> I just made Modlib a CLOSED list which should eliminate the
> junk email postings (I hope!).  An OPEN list allows anyone, be
> they a list member or not, to post to the list (thus the spam).
> A CLOSED list means that I have to approve anyone who wants
> to sub-scribe to Modlib, and that postings to Modlib are restricted
> to list members.  For those of you already subscribed (and reading
> this message) nothing changes and you don't have to resubscribe.
> The list continues to be unmoderated (thus I don't screen postings
> to the list).
> The subscription process remains the same, except that there may
> be a slight delay in adding new subscribers to the list.  I should,
> in most cases, be able to manually approve subscriptions within
> 24 hours (if I am out of town and don't have email access it may
> take longer).
> I may choose to contact (via email) people who want to subscribe
> to make sure they are not spammers.  I don't think a spammer
> would subscribe just to distribute junk mail, but who knows!
> PS: thanks to a new list subscriber (Robert Sanger) for advice
> on this issue!
> Again - sorry about the earlier junk mail and I hope this takes
> care of the problem!
> John K.
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