Modlib is now a CLOSED list

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Wed Jan 2 11:15:05 EST 2002

Hi ModLib folks,

I just made Modlib a CLOSED list which should eliminate the
junk email postings (I hope!).  An OPEN list allows anyone, be
they a list member or not, to post to the list (thus the spam).

A CLOSED list means that I have to approve anyone who wants
to sub-scribe to Modlib, and that postings to Modlib are restricted
to list members.  For those of you already subscribed (and reading
this message) nothing changes and you don't have to resubscribe.
The list continues to be unmoderated (thus I don't screen postings
to the list).

The subscription process remains the same, except that there may
be a slight delay in adding new subscribers to the list.  I should,
in most cases, be able to manually approve subscriptions within
24 hours (if I am out of town and don't have email access it may
take longer).

I may choose to contact (via email) people who want to subscribe
to make sure they are not spammers.  I don't think a spammer
would subscribe just to distribute junk mail, but who knows!

PS: thanks to a new list subscriber (Robert Sanger) for advice
on this issue!

Again - sorry about the earlier junk mail and I hope this takes
care of the problem!

John K.

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