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j b krygier jbkrygie at
Tue Jan 1 21:26:33 EST 2002

Hi ModLib folks,

Happy new year! and sorry about the junk email sent to Modlib.
I was in Milwaukee (yikes!) and out of email contact for a week.

Apparently, as Scot Kamins figured out, you don't have to be a
member of ModLib to send mail to the list, thus the e-junk mail.

I will get this figured out as soon as possible - unfortunately, we
are on break and the computer guy has not gotten back to me about
this problem.

If all else fails, I will moderate the group (all postings go for me
before they are forwarded to the list) which will solve the problem
(and I won't edit your brilliant prose).

In the mean time: ignore the junk email and ponder the rather
desperate entrepreneurial spirit which inpired it.

PS: found a few great old Everyman's Library books over the
break, but no Modern Library editions!

John K.

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