Faults Project: Kickoff questions

Jimmy Williamson jwslaw at williamsonsears.com
Wed Feb 27 11:49:21 EST 2002

personally, i like the advice on how to fix stuff
i have all sorts, from perfect to completely lousy, and want to know how to
make them better
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> At 9:04 AM -0500 2/26/02, Sharon Biederman wrote:
> >   My guess is the 90 per cent of the members of this list
> >can already recognize 95 per cent of the faults we have mentioned.  Most
> >people who collect Modern Library have been book collectors for
> >some time and are relatively sophisticated.
> I'm in half agreement here. Collecting ML's was my first (and still
> only) book collecting experience. I couldn't figure out such basic
> terms as "chipping" or "rubs" or "cocked" for quite a while. These
> are terms that, while obvious to experienced collectors, can throw a
> new collector. So I would include these terms. "Piece missing" is
> pretty obvious, as is "glass ring" (assuming you've ever owned a
> coffee table) - all from non-book collecting contexts.
> >  It is very important to use
> >standard bookselling terms that apply to all book collecting, not just
> >Modern Library.
> Absolutely!!!
> >      Finally, Henry Toledano's section on cleaning and repair of ML
> >contains some clear and precise language on such flaws as a cocked spine
> >as well as what might be done to minimize the problem.  I don't know if
> >you want to include advice on repairs on not, since for some collectors
> >they enhance the value of the book and for others, detract from it.
> I think we should avoid advice on fixing stuff,
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