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    Sometimes the off center DJ, is a printer's error, not the result  
of how the dust jacket was originally folded on to the book.  I have seen
examples where the print from the front or rear panels was only about a 
1/4 inch from the printing on the spine.  In such cases it is impossible 
to center the spine correctly without seeing print from one of the other
panels.  In other cases, all the lettering has been printed too far left
on the jacket so that if it is folded with the spine centered, one endflap
is much larger than the other.

     By the way, I agree with Scot that he should concentrate on the less
obvious flaws.  My guess is the 90 per cent of the members of this list
can already recognize 95 per cent of the faults we have mentioned.  Most
people who collect Modern Library have been book collectors for
some time and are relatively sophisticated.  I have rarely run into a
collector who can't identify basic flaws although I have often come across
sellers who describe books incorrectly.  It is very important to use
standard bookselling terms that apply to all book collecting, not just the
Modern Library. 

     Finally, Henry Toledano's section on cleaning and repair of ML
contains some clear and precise language on such flaws as a cocked spine
as well as what might be done to minimize the problem.  I don't know if
you want to include advice on repairs on not, since for some collectors
they enhance the value of the book and for others, detract from it.


 On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, j bkrygier wrote: 

> > When the entire DJ has been put on the book so that
> the text on the spine is not centered correctly.  This
> also means that the text/graphics on the front of the
> DJ are not centered.
> This is hard to fix, as the folds in the DJ have to
> be refolded.  Don't know if that is permissible, but I
> have done it in the past.
> I have a few good (unfixed) examples of this if you
> want images of them.
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