DJ Project: Yet Another Eight Images (Is there no end?)

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Feb 25 20:43:22 EST 2002

Thanks to Henry Toledano and to Amy Comeau for the following 
additions (except Daudet, liberated from eBay).

Chesterton - Man Who Was Thursday (2 new images) - Noteworthy as we 
have decent examples here (total of three) of the first early DJ 
types. The earliest is a changling - the red has faded to orange.

Daudet  - Sapho/Manon Lescaut  - a particularly poor 1935 (I guess) 
image that I salvaged from eBay (thanks to John Krygier for spotting 
it). Anybody have a better image?

Dannunzio - The Flame of Life
Douglas - South Wind
Van Loon - Ancient Man
Gilbert - HMS Pinafore et al
Pater - Marius the Epicurean
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