Faults Project: Kickoff questions

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Scot Kamins wrote:

> Howdy Faultfinders,
> I've been thinking about the structure for the Faults Project. I'm
> thinking it should be a dcitionary-like list of brief articles (a few
> words,really) relying on illustrations, with cross-references within each
> article.

> What else you got?  If you don't know the name of the fault but you can
> descibe it, please send that along. If you want to send a JPG example,
> please do so - but send it to me at my personal e-mail
> (kamins at dogeared.com) rather than to this listServ.

I think it is important to get folks to send interesting and
unique flaws, particularly examples where what is
technically a flaw is not perceived as such by the owner.
Not all flaws are flaws!

For example: Sharon B. mentioned the small bookseller
plates that are sometimes found in MLs - technically a flaw
but, as with Sharon, I find these to be quite interesting and
acceptable.  It would be great to see examples of these -
I have one plate from a bookseller in Paris (but cannot recall
which book it is in!).

Other examples:  Various 'official' modifications to ML
editions, such as the rectangular stickers which Random
House provided when the price of MLs went up (these
from the late 40s) or even the neat star stamp used for
remaindered ML copies in the 30s and 40s - which I
assume was done by Random House.  Such 'flaws'
actually reveal some history about the book - it was a
poor seller, for example.

More examples: Interesting inscriptions: I have a copy
of Van Loon's 'Ancient Man' noting that it was bought
in Cairo, Egypt.  Technically a flaw, but again an important
bit of the history of the book is revealed.

One more: Ex-library MLs are probably one of the least
desirable (a mega flaw) MLs.  But are ex-Library books
ever acceptable?  I have a copy of 'The Divine Comedy'
which has a bookseller plate from the 'Psychic Book
Center' in NYC, and another plate from 'Dale News'
in Lilydale NY - and inked stamps from two different
Lilydale libraries (but no pockets, taped on jacket, etc.).
Lilydale is a community of psychics, mystics, and other
curious folks, and having a book that spent time in their
libraries actually adds alot of charm to what would
otherwise be a common and not so interesting ML book.

John K.

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