Newbie Caution: eBay "Leather" ML's

John M. Wolansky jwol at
Sun Feb 24 07:22:20 EST 2002

Subject: Re: Newbie Caution: eBay "Leather" ML's

> Not only that,they list one of  the B&L's  with a 1911 publishing
> date???  Is their no way we can stop these people?

Could be the vender is reporting the copyright date.  I have a 1917 B&L copy
of  22.1, The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard by France.  The copyright page
states "COPYRIGHT, 1890, BY HARPER AND BROTHERS", with no other indication
of the fact is was published by B&L for the first time in 1917.  I seem to
recall one or two others I have seen with this dating.  The vendor is
probably not equipped with Henry's guide and not a subscriber to this list.
Could be an honest mistake, but ...

You are right and I am amazed by some of the incorrectly described Modern
Library stuff peddled on E-Bay.  Some months ago there was a copy of Ulysses
advertised as a first, not just a ML first, but a first.  There was a copy
of the copyright page without the requisite "First Modern Library Edition
1940" for a ML first.  I emailed the vendor, who responded that he has never
had a complaint and if someone contacts him after receiving the book and CAN
PROVE IT, he would take a return.  I contacted the vendor because some
uniformed soul bid at least $40, and maybe as high as $60 for it!  Someone
else may recall the price.  Arghhhhh!

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