Early ML titles in balloon cloth?

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
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Shortly after Christmas Dave Menkin asked me whether 5 early ML titles exist in balloon cloth bindings.  I'm just now getting around to responding.  Better late than never!

The balloon cloth binding was introduced in January 1929, so titles that were discontinued before then don't exist in that format.  Two of Dave's 5 titles were discontinued before 1929.  No need to search for these in balloon cloth!

Stevenson, Treasure Island (1917-fall 1928)
Stirner, Ego and His Own (1918-fall 1928)

Pre-1929 titles that were discontinued in 1929 or later may or may not exist in balloon cloth, depending largely on whether they were reprinted after balloon cloth bindings were introduced.  Titles that were reprinted in 1929 or later will exist in balloon cloth.  Note that jackets were sometimes reprinted independently of books.  You can have a book printed before 1929 in a jacket that dates from 1929 or later; the jacket doesn't mean that the book necessarily exists in a balloon cloth binding.

Here's the information I have on the other three titles:

Dunsany, Book of Wonder (1918; discontinued 1929):  The latest printing I've examined dates from fall 1928.  This title was probably never issued in a balloon cloth binding.

Evolution in Modern Thought (1918; discontinued Dec. 31, 1929):  There appears to have been a final printing in spring 1929.  Henry Toledano has a copy in a balloon cloth binding and a spring 1929 jacket (jacket 4 in Henry's Guide).  It won't be easy to find this in balloon cloth!

Brown, House with the Green Shutters (1927; discontinued Dec. 31, 1930):   As far as I know there were only two printings, and I don't know the date of the second printing.  Henry has a copy in a fall 1929 jacket (also jacket 4) but I didn't note whether the binding was imitation leather or balloon cloth.  My guess is that it's imitation leather.  Could Henry check on this and let us know?  

Hope this helps!


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