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> The second point is the size of the price clip. If it is very small it
> does not detract from the dj as a whole, unless of course the price is
> somewhere else other than on the flap, like in the middle of the spine
> for instance!.

Some of the other old series books I collect (particularly
UK editions) have the prices on the DJ spine, and I
have several where someone has actually cut a hole in
the DJ spine to get rid of the price.

I am one of those collectors who is not too worried
about price clipped DJs - but I have always wondered
why so many ML DJs are price clipped.

I do understand that if a book is to be given as a gift,
then a price clip may be appropriate.  But it seems like
half of the MLs I have or see are price clipped, and I
cannot imagine all these were gifts.

Did sellers clip ML prices and charge more/less than the
DJ price?  Did ML buyers clip the price from their
personal MLs?  I have never had the desire to clip the
price from the DJs of new books I have bought - even those
bought as gifts - so maybe I am missing some more
common desire among the book buying public to obscure
the price of the books they buy.  Or maybe people
feel a compulsion to price clip if the price is easy to clip.
Thus we should see more of the post-late 1940s MLs with
price clips - earlier DJs were harder to price clip - and,
this might actually be the case (very few of the Flex DJs I
have are price clipped).

Any thoughts on why so many ML DJs are price clipped?
This issue has been keeping me up at night.

John K

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