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I disagree with most forum contributors about price clipped djs.
It is my view that the condition terminology refers to the general impression 
of the book and dj. Very Fine would be new, though I have seen many new books 
that probably would not qualify as VF. Usually fine books and djs have a loss 
of newness (gloss) and, of course, if they have more than one or two other 
blemishes these would detract from the overall impression and therefore 
Now as to price clip.
If the inclusion of the price is an important factor in the issue of the dj 
then a price clip could denote that the dj is perhaps not a first issue at 
all, and consequently avoided completely,  though it could be fine. 
The second point is the size of the price clip. If it is very small it does 
not detract from the dj as a whole, unless of course the price is somewhere 
else other than on the flap, like in the middle of the spine for instance!. 
However, if the overall impression is handsome and there is a small price 
clip it must be mentioned in the description and the book would, in my view, 
be fine. Fine does not mean new. Of course the ELSE FINE is something of a 
joke, for you can say, stained, torn, nicked,   faded, etc ELSE FINE, which 
of course is still true. In the final analysis the general impression of a 
book and dj is subjective . Fine for this particular book, or fine for its 
age etc  only means that it is not really fine. 
My view above does not, in my opinion, refer specifically to Modern Library 
books. My personal preferences for djs are: Spine first; very close behind 
front panel, then rear panel, front flap followed by rear flap, finally 

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