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Mon Feb 18 21:53:52 EST 2002

A snazzy but price-clipped DJ isn't fine, it's VG -- this is where 
terminology like "price-clipped, else fine" is useful, even if it raises the 
hackles of purists. As long as the price isn't a first-issue point, I'll take 
the price-clipped DJ with the great exterior, rather than the 
unclipped-but-a-bit-rubbed-and-tatty one. Aesthetics first, then 
bibliographomania (though it's a photo finish).

Bob Riedel

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<< What would you rather have in your collection with all else bring equal?
 1.) A Fine DJ with price clip?
 2. A VG DJ with price?
 Is a price price clip DJ no longer a fine DJ?
 Like many things,I have never been quite clear in my own mind about
 this. >>

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