when does an ml book become a collectible ?

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Thu Feb 14 14:40:55 EST 2002

In response to C.W. Cale, who wrote:

>I love the new directions ML has taken, from the QP or trade series to
>the full illustration DJs. I think a full set of the woodcuts would be
>a beautiful thing!  I personally don't have very many of them.

At 8:20 AM -0800 2/14/02, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
>I think you just made Scot sick-or at least very unhappy.

Not at all, actually. That's why it's a hobby -everybody gets to 
choose hir own standards and to collect whatever is meaningful to hir.

I never argue about what's collectable (since everything is); I just 
have opinions about what I like, and of course about market value.

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