when does an ml book become a collectible ?

Sharon Biederman sbiederm at nova.umuc.edu
Thu Feb 14 11:58:00 EST 2002

Anthony, Joe:

    Any book is collectible and for every book there is a collector.
Value is another issue.  So far, my experience has been that most
(not all) of the 1980s MLs can be easily obtained at a price slightly
above the original list price.  Usually MLs from the 1990s can be found
for less than the original price.   From this I conclude that supply is
probably far greater than demand on these titles, and they are not likely 
to increase dramatically in value in the next few years.  In addition, as
Scot has pointed out, the books are not as well made as the earlier
series.  Nevertheless, I too, enjoy some of the artwork on the woodcut


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