Beware claims of ML "first editions" on eBay

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sat Feb 9 16:48:14 EST 2002

  (I've posted warnings like this before, but it bears repeating as 
new folks join the listserv.)


I've just spotted several listings on eBay claiming that the offered 
pieces were  Modern Library firsts when in fact they were not.

The most bizarre of these read something like this:

"Modern Library <insert title here> 1st...
No other dates showing on copyright page"

The argument is that, if no other dates appear, the edition must be a 
first. This, of course, is nuts, even for non-ML books. Judging ML 
Firsts and matching book firsts with their proper dust jackets is not 
for the feint-hearted. Most folks on eBay are not professional 
book-sellers, and most of the ones who are professionals don't know 
how to identify ML first.

Unless you know that the seller on eBay, ABE, or anyplace else for 
that matter,is a Modern Library specialist (Sharon Biederman, Amy 
Comeau, Sam Gottlieb, Joe Hill, and Henry Toledano to name a few), do 
NOT accept claims that a book is a Modrn Library first edition. 
Always ask for confirmation of the first edition points; these points 
are listed in the Toledano guide and (to a certain extent) on Doeared.

If you aren't certain of the points, ask here on the Listserv - many 
folks here will be glad to help you.

Scot Kamins
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