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Thu Feb 7 13:24:47 EST 2002

At 9:32 AM -0700 2/7/02, Ron Thoman wrote:
>Anyway, I would appreciate some enlightenment on the glassine/acetate
>question as applied to early ML editions.

In my experience, I've not seen either term used to refer to early ML 
editions. (I think of "early" meaning up to 1928 before the advent of 
pictorial DJs.)

Rather, I've seen them used as interchangeable terms for the 
transparent plastic dust jackets covering the illustrated editions. 
(Henry called theme glassines; I call them acetates.)

They all had some text and/or image on them. The Ben Franklin and the 
Longfellow had a sort of 3-D label of - what - paper & cloth (I 
guess) affixed to the front center.

I suspect Henry's term is more correct, even though I use the other 
(although I haven't researched it). I think of glassine as being 
thicker than acetate; I associate "acetate" with the very thin 
plastic sold by Brodart and such companies used to protect dust 
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