Next Project: Judging Condition?

Ron Thoman rgthoman at
Thu Feb 7 11:32:57 EST 2002

I think Scot's idea (tutorial), merged with John K's suggestions
(encyclopedia), is a great one.  I've been collecting for a quite a few
years but still get lost in condition assessments from time to time -- and
stung also.  While I've seen a variety of definitions of terms, and some
examples and illustrations, I don't know of any one source where it's all
brought together with high quality illustrations, and especially never
keyed to ML.

I have this question (maybe someone can answer now?) which could be covered
in the project:

For early ML editions, I see the terms acetate and glassine covers used. 
What is the difference, and what does each of these look like?  Is the
acetate a clear plastic-type material, and fairly thick and stiff?  Is
glassine the material I remember once being used for storing 4x5 black and
white photo negatives, a thin, rather flexible, translucent but not clear

I realize this expands the project a bit beyond just condition, but one has
to understand the subject of the condition assessment as well as condition

Another example: what exactly is balloon cloth (which I have also seen
referred to recently as sail cloth.

Anyway, I would appreciate some enlightenment on the glassine/acetate
question as applied to early ML editions.

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