Encyclopedia of ML Flaws? (was Re: Next Project: Judging Condition?

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Thu Feb 7 09:54:54 EST 2002

Scot Kamins wrote:

> Anyway, the real question I have is this: Would a tutorial section on
> Dogeared called "Judging Condition" have value, especially if
> extensive graphics were used? Or is this a duplication of efforts for
> work already available elsewhere on the Internet?

I think what Scot is getting at here is to have a WWW-
based encyclopedia of ML "flaws" with many examples of
what the flaws look like.  One section for the book itself and
another for DJs.  Subsections could be added for different
eras of MLs (leatherette, flex, hardcover) if necessary.

This could build on Henry's description of ML flaws on the
last few pages of the ML Guide (underlining, signatures,
bookplates, cocking, crayon, faded DJ spine, water damage,
etc. etc.) enhanced with real examples.

This resource could help sellers in describing MLs on places
like eBay or other online services.  I do know that many
booksellers are aware of Dogeared, so they may actually
find such a resource useful in describing MLs they are selling.

Once we build the encyclopedia of flaws, we could rate them -
which would help sellers see what ML collectors care about.

So lets say we get a dozen different DJs with various kinds
of 'chipping.'  Some of us may find any chipping to be
unacceptable, others may draw the line at chips that affect
text on the DJ, others may be ok with half the front DJ torn
off.  "10 out of 12 ML collectors find this DJ acceptable (or
VG, or someother rating system).  Sort of like the review rating
system at Amazon.com.  Out of this may come some more
general, collective sense of the difference between F, VG,
G, etc.

But the first task is to build up an encyclopedia of ML flaws,
which could be interesting.

John K.

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